Ski Boot fitting.

Shin pain, aching soles, cold feet and an unsafe feeling when carving downhill? Ski boots which don't fit perfectly cause frustration instead of enjoyment when skiing. Unfortunately problems like these are common.  More and more skiers are unhappy with fitting and comfort of their ski boots. The boot which feels most comfortable when trying on in the shop is often the wrong one, being too big with too much volume.

Ski boots connect you with the ski.  If this connection doesn't function optimally, it effects your skiing considerably. 

  • unsafe feeling
  • rapid muscle fatigue
  • little improvement

To avoid these problems, we have specialised in exact fitting of ski boots, you can only profit from our experience.

Women's Ski boots

Women's ski boots are specially made for the female anatomy. Usually with especially warm inner boot lining.

men's ski boots

Men's ski boots are specially made for the male anatomy. Usually with a slightly harder flex.

ski boot inserts

Reduction of heel movement, better control while skiing, improved circulation, elimination of burning in the soles of feet and feet 'going-to-sleep'.  Muscles and ligaments in the feet are supported. Pressure points disappear. The distance necessary for the knee to bend, in order to achieve a certain angle of the edge of the ski is decidedly shortened. There is less strain on the whole body resulting in less tiredness.

Feet are the foundation of our body

Most modern floor surfaces are hard and flat, like concrete and asphalt.  They cause our feet to flatten and twist.
Badly aligned, instable feet can effect the whole skeletal system and cause pain in the feet, knees, hips, back and neck.
The solution: individually moulded inserts support the natural shape of your feet, distribute your whole body weight evenly over the soles, relieve pressure and imbalanced weight-bearing.